Sun Tzu’s, Art of War

Those who fight and run away live to fight another day.

Never fight your enemy in his terrain, which he knows best. Draw him into your terrain, which he is unfamiliar with.

The best form of defence is to attack.

When an enemy chases you, run away. When he is resting, launch a sneak counterattack.

A dead hero is of no use to his country other than for declaring national holidays.

Never face a more powerful enemy head-on. Ambushes always work better.

Your task is not to die for your country. Your task is to make your enemy die for his country.

When faced with defeat, surrender and sue for peace. Once you have gained the advantage, wipe out your enemy through treachery.

Take a smaller enemy of your larger enemy as your friend. Once you have defeated your larger enemy then you can turn on your smaller enemy.

Never allow principles to stand in the way of your strategy. Victory is still victory even if gained in unethical ways.

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