Boss : Sukuri san, do u have few minutes?
Me : How many u want?
Boss : Eto nee, regarding bisness trip to japang, u have to go againg next month.
Me : (dah agak dh) so kaaa.. how long this time?
Boss : About 3 month OK ka?
Me : Huih, crap cake. Cannot nee. I gone crazy la like this.
Boss : Hahaha, just kidding. 1 month only.
Me : (pergh,sejak bl dia ni pandai bergurau ngn aku plk nih) 1 month also too long nee. 3 weeks cannot ka?
Boss : cannot. PCC ask to stay until 13 Feb. I ask Lim san go togetda.
Me : actually, I have a plan for next year. Cannot go outside Malaysia for too long.
Boss : what ur plang?
Me : I’m getting married.
Boss : (mata terbeliak, mulut telopong) haaa??? Sure kaa?? When you get married??
Me : 13 of March, so meaning if i came back, i got only less than 1 month for preparation.
Boss : 1 month still not enuf ka?
Me : yes, not enuf. I have to go thorugh so many procedure before get married.
Boss : wat prosedur?
Me : 1st, I have fill in few forms & document, then I hv to seek permission from local authorities to get married, religious thing, then have to do medical check-out, blabalbalbla..
Boss : (kening berkerut, smbil garu kepala) hohoo, I cannot understand. Why you have to do all this?
Me : This is Malaysia regulation for muslim before get married. If don’t do, then will consider illegal & we could punish with jail sentence.
Boss : hoh? How came it is?
Me : (payah nk cakap ngn org tak reti melayu nih) simply put, in Malaysia, if you want go fuck someone is easier than u want to married her. Hehehee, now u got the picture?
Boss : #@#@$@%#^@#$@%#@ hahahaa, nice said.

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