Powerful quake hits Japan

dasyattttt!!!! one of the most powerful disaster with massive 8.9-magnitude quake struck northeastern Japan, sparking a four-meter tsunami along parts of the country's coastline. Japan's NHK television reported many injuries and showed pictures of major tsunami damage in the north, with cars, trucks and houses being swept away in Onahama city in Fukushima prefecture following the quake on Friday.

so far 19 people are reported to have been killed. hopefully the rest manage to find hideout quickly & get move to higher ground.

BLADE EDGE  – (March 17, 2011 at 12:49 PM)  


nice blog. baru jumpa kat yahoo images. so saje nk blogwalking kat sini...tgk post byk yg menarik jer..

happy blogging :-)


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