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24 is crucial age. I’m talking about a profession @ job @ career @ work @ etc. For most people, this is a year when u will start ur very 1st career . Once u get one, you not always easy to turning back from what u r doing right now. Mostly becoz of afraid it might get worse than what u already hv. Or maybe becoz u r not willing to start back from the beginning after doing what u already done for more than a years. So the margin to change the way of ur life become narrowed. Though, if you still might want change, it maybe just happens within the boundary (maybe change to same field wht u hv already on to).

As a fresh graduate, 1st impression is what mainly affect you to choose this@that kind of job. U heard this job hv this hv tht, this company hv this hv that which might secure ur future. Hmm, ofcoz I’m talking about the money. What else fresh graduate know? At 1st ofcoz I will choose the company that hv competitive salary and align with wht I’m interested in. Sometime u may hv an offer from company which willing to paid u more, and ofcoz u just accept it without dig dipper wht their business is all about (though hv, it merely just the cover pages) . That me when I fresh graduate, money come 1st. I believe most people same too.

It is important to expose ur self about what u will become when u grow-up since u was a child. It’ll help u choose better career . But growing up from on-par level educated family, it just hard for u being expose as such. U have to do this all by ur own. So we lies on our school to get those information we need. But there are some problems of our education system. We just told to do what to do, not to think what to do. They ask us what probably u want to be when u grow up. Ofcoz, as a child we give every sort of example job, especially in professional field.(ie engineering, law, arch etc). But they never told us how, what u must have, what u must not, in order to be what u want to be. Mostly because they don’t really know exactly what that job is all about. They just know that if you be in this or that field, they paid u very well. Bytheway, that the job is all about. Collect the money as much as u can. For somebody, skill 1st, money 2nd. Well, everyone entitle with their own opinion. It’s up to u what u after. Most people they want both, tht include me.

As a freshy, ofcoz maybe u have ur own personal dream to work with particular firm which u believe u have a bright future in there. But, when the time coming, u fail to be accepted there for several of reasons (fail interview, lack confident, education restraint & etc). Then u start feel so sorrow, down, looser and sort kind of, u just give-up hope. Don’t know what to do. Well, some time u have to learn to moving on. Some say, don’t stare too long at a door that is closing, coz we might see too late to the one that is open. Stop glomming and get moving. It’s not like world is going to end!

Somehow in ur career , once u get it, it not like all ur problem is now gone. Sometime u have to strive to make it better. When u reach at certain point, u feel like this is my limit. I no longer can cope with this job bcoz of various lame excuses (boring, workload, biro-crazy &wut so ever). Then u start felling down, no longer hv commitment, and all in ur head but quit the job and find new one. All the bad talk about ur company is filling the air and strengthen ur feeling to resign. There will be a time when u will desperately need to quit especially if all ur mates start leaving 1by1. Hmm, tht wht I feel now.

Some said u should feel grateful, at lease u already have wut others don’t hv. There are still many people out there jobless. U lucky one, y need to b upset? Here is my answer. Every one is difference from the others. They hv their own goal, I hv mine. We are totally in difference league. They fight finding it, I fight to create it better. Yes, it difference. Once u find wht u need, u will keep wanting more. U will not stop there, ur hunger keep growing-up. That human, our hunger is no limit in wht ever we interested. Jst take wht evr example, u’ll find we are in the same pot in this one. Once ur dream come true, u’ll establish a new one & so until u die. I call this life enhancement. Does world record was broke in every years? Why we don’t just hv one record only?

Having said about this, we will come to this question. What if we found tht what we are doing now is totally different from what we expected in the 1st place? Are u hv to make an U-turn? Does it’s to late? Well it’s depend on self capacity…someone just can u-turn without any baggage, some can’t bcoz need consider so many thing. Some just keep moving forward and learn how to cope and get comfort. If that was u in this situation, what actually u’ll do? If you just u-turn, does it means u just run away from a problem or u are a quitter? If u don’t, does it means u just a bunch of coward that don’t dare to take a risk that u might lost what u have already gain? If you just accept what just happen, does it mean u a plain guy who just accepts whatever fate brings them? Everyone have their own answer with their own reason. Technically, whatever u choose is the right decision for u eventhough it may not suit to others. Here is where u need 2b stay strong & confident on what u stand so no body can shake ur decision. Wht ever u choose, u r on ur own.

Life is hard by the yard, but by the inch, it's a cinch. . I have met people who literally wander through life. They simply accept whatever fate brings them. A few may succeed by accident, but most suffer through lifetime of frustration and unhappiness. Personal advice, think properly before u enter any field of ur 1st career bcoz u might end-up hanging without further direction. Normally once u in then feel wrong, very hard to get out unless u can manage to accept it. Carrier is not about money alone, it about ur dream. Once u have, be creative how to make it interesting or else u just end-up like a frog jumping from stone to stone (just like 3assembly persons from Perak =p) but what ever it is, just put in ur mind, What ever come to u, it’ll make u stronger. Until then, thank for ur time to read this, excuse me for broken grammar, Happy weekend =)

aju  – (May 24, 2009 at 11:40 PM)  

hmmm..masuk kelas sastera pun ok gak ni..panjang gilos..lotih den nk baco

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