....(sambung hr ni plk)

XXX: sukuri san,
ZZZ: oit.
XXX: etoo~~how about test result last time I request? Did u already meja (measure)?
ZZZ:err…(mampos aku) heheheee, not yet. But in progress. Already finish 2, 8 to go.(padahal satu pun tak buat lg)
XXX: areeeee!!!, not yet ka? Y(time ni kening dia dh senget, dahi berkerut)?
ZZZ: (alamak, mcmn nk gebang ni) err yesterday I go to supplier, no time nee. Plus, a day before yesterday solder iron broken again.
XXX: mmm, we have more than 20 solder iron, y one broken become a problem to you?
ZZZ: (sambil garu2 kepala cr idea nk gebang lg skali).. err, of coz we got 20, but I have to request to electrical membe before use tht (padahal xpayah pun). If broken they’ll know who did dat.
XXX: so kaa..(sambil ngangguk2 kepalanya)..today can ka?
ZZZ: cannot. I have to spend whole day to do dat. Now already afternoon. Tomorrow can?
XXX: (sambil mengerut kening) mmm……tomorrow must finish nee.
ZZZ: huhuhuu, ok promise (pheww..lege aku)

(pastu, dia berlalu pg..tb2 dia berpaling tgk straight kat mk aku.

XXX: aa, i forgot. eto next year model nee i want to send 2 members to PCC for design discussion.
XXX: i want to send you and galvin, ok ka?
ZZZ: (hotak dia ok, ofcoz la tak ok)...alamak, new membe cannot ka?
XXX: at 1st nee, i plan to send 1 new membe, 1 senior membe. but PCC request to send senior membe.
ZZZ: (aku potong ckp dia) next year i want to get married. so i dont think i have time to go PCC again (tb2 terpacul idea dr otak aku)
XXX: hah (melopong mulut) sooo kaaa??? when did you plan to married?
ZZZ: not yet confirm the date, but mayb around december until may. usually i need 2months for preparation.
XXX: mm, soo neee.. (ade skit iras2 kekecewaan dimukannya) hahaha, in this case we have to find replacement nee.
ZZZ: yes, indeed (yes, berjaya gak aku escape kli ni!!!)
(selebihnya hanya bebual kosong ngn org tua tu~~)

~~~dah msk hr ketiga, aku xde mood lg nk buat. Ape lg aku nk gebang esk a…~~
~~~arghh, knp la time2 mcm ni dia nk cari aku. Malas btl aa~~

S3RiOUS-BlacK  – (August 17, 2009 at 9:02 PM)  

hahaha..lawak syal baca dialog ko ni..hahaha

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