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There is no ‘profound sense of sadness’ in me, but just only a sense of gratefulness as I come to the end of service in PCM@PSNM since last 3rd Dec 2007. Many things and people came through my life in this duration of time, and this has much added color, experience and maturity into me in order to be someone God wants me to be. I have so many sweet memories & really enjoy working here. I’m so glad to know all nice people here.

Though the system here is still not much to be desired, but I give my fully support to those who work hard to improve it. Gambatte kudasai www.FunAndFunOnly.net

Nonetheless, the relationship of people working here is definitely great.

It’s an honor & privilege to me working along side with Mechanical DECT/ITS team for these entire years.

A family like environment without faction or politicking is really a joy to be in.

Special thank to Koo, Tam, Soo & DECT/ITS Mechanical member for your patient & tolerable despite my “troublesome attitude”. www.FunAndFunOnly.net

Special thanks to Yamamoto san for being the best superior ever dream. I doubt if can find someone like you in other working place.

Thank to Ex-PCM Mr Razak & Nishiama san for hired me working for this company.

Thanks a lot to PSN member, Takasaki san, Sakata san & PSN Team for welcome dinners & all your support within this period =).

www.FunAndFunOnly.netThank you for your acceptance and guidance all this while. www.FunAndFunOnly.net

“What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?” (Something to ponder ;) www.FunAndFunOnly.net

Life is more than money and materials gain this world. But no money & material gain also mean no life.

Thank you so much for making my time at PCM a truly enjoyable one. I invite any of you, who would like to keep in touch and have any enquiry about my past job,

kindly reach me at:

Mobile: 019-5900084

Email : nyox84@yahoo.co.uk

p/s: Perhaps we can make a quick donation for our RND member, Mohd Halmey Abd Jalil. He has been robed & lost RM20,000 (his wedding money) yesterday. Hope our sincere little help can ease his pain & burden.

Until then, see you again in different environment.

Mohd Shukri Bin Mat Salleh

Mechanical Design Engineer


Panasonic System Network Malaysia (PSNM)


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