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Hi, this is shukri. I am crazy, so don’t mess with me. I am carnivore, I love to eat human. Yes, ofcoz sometime I eat lion n dragon, but human taste better. Their meat softer, melt inside the mouth, not in the hand. My favorite is their brain. Most human only use 1~5% of their brain potential, that y this part remain fresh & un-touch when they die. Eat human make you humanizer. It will flourish your humanity and enrich your sense of human being. But, pls stay clear from human heart. It always taste bitter & easy to broke.

Pala Botak apa wa mencarut nih. This weekend, 3s got a trip to kluang rail station. Ermm, since my d200 had been sold, & my d60 got new buyer, now I got no camera. Should I just retired or should I buy new one? arggghhh.. got no money laa. Huh, now I know y my friend ask me to stay clear from expensive hobby. But hey, who care about the money? Saver is looser. Spend it all you want. Today money is no longer money. It’s currency. The thing that “must” move circulating form someone to someone else. It just a paper with king picture painting on it. Every year decrease in value. RM2 today no longer can buy what RM2 in 1997 can buy. Remember currypuff price? It seems like goods price has gone up, but actually our currency is decrease in value. Economist call it inflation.

Have more money will not solve your money problem. Sometime it just make it even worse. Some said, money today is knowledge of the money, financial IQ. Ngeee, hahaha apa yg aku carutkan ni. hehe, I just god a green light from big Mam last night. Maybe D90 is on the making. Maybe tonight got replacement for my legendary d60. hehehe. Can’t wait for the next trip….will upload the picture soon.

zairi baharom  – (March 4, 2010 at 1:13 PM)  

yezza. we'll have a d90 trip this saturday!!can't wait to shoot..haha. my bu will arrive at larkin 2.30am. pls pick me with jufri san.hehe

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