::Kluang Trip::

Finally, we got a final no. of participant for tomorrow trip. So 8 persons it is. The tentative is simple, don’t have to be ‘ala’ government. 6.00 arrive at station, buy ticket, take train, drop at kluang station. Have a coffee breakfast, ‘jalan2 cari makan’, snap-sick-suxx, then return to kulai at afternoon. Oh, before I forgot, hehe, d60 already got new replacement last night.

"The Don"

Somehow, still feelin uneasy to let go such a versatile yet simple slr. Got so many emotion attach on it. But wht can I do, when money play the vibe, even good thing smtime have to be sacrifice for greater good. Can’t afford to have 2 cameras at the same time. Hopefully new owner know how to appreciate it.

" wall of fame"

Still exploring, but far from master this new gadget. Got too many setting (but less compare to D200) which is yet to discover. Mmm, hope for some luck for tomorrow rally. Aaa, now I no money left. I wish to find smbody stupid enuff to give me 10million as a wedding gift. hahahaa

"The Duke"

zairi baharom  – (March 5, 2010 at 4:43 PM)  

welcome to the club of D90's cha!!gambatte for tomorrow's shoot. sori sgt2 xdpt join..all the best gang!!

Mr Nyox  – (March 5, 2010 at 8:39 PM)  

argghhh, ko tolong lempangkan prof ko yg suh keje esok nih!!
hangin aku satu badan
tak complete seh klu xde ko
minggu dpn jg n dok wat pasai p cancel plk

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