Band N'Gang in Memory

Every Friday Night an orderly queue of boys and girls would form outside the Jln Jati Studio Jamming adjacent to Bandar putra. It was a “Band N' Gang” night, and when the doors were open, there would be a frantic rush to get the best seats – boys to the left aisle – girls to the center. The Band N'Gang, to give it its proper name, was a body of volunteer dedicated to instilling in the minds of its young members a set of high moral values to take with them through life, base, as a first principle, on a total abstinence from strong drink and worse chain smoking habit (sort of up-hold government's aspiration band =p)

Short after their first double Platinum and Grammy award for the best outstanding performance band, the members decide to dissolve the band. Everyone establish new life mission. So the band leaves the name behind to be remembered as the greatest band ever.
Farewell to irreplaceable names, Madi (lead singer), Shahree (2nd guitar/singer), Shukri (lead), Alex (bass), Rauf (drummer). Long live to all \o/…………

Madi --> singer

Shahree in the air

Rauf --sleepy drummer

Alex spicy bass

The gangs

Band N' Gang in memory

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