A Tale of so call Engineer..

the things he cannot afford of... (most of the time)

1) a days without a problem.
why? because he paid to solve others problem, not his problem

2) a day without using his brain.
why? because most of the time he dealing with super big dump asshole.

3) a full day rest.
why? because they create system that not allowed him to rest.

4) a luxurious life.
why? he been paid for 100dollar but need to give his big-big bosses million dollars...stupid it'snt it?

5) a self satisfaction.
why? forget it. he must satisfied a long listing of human race before satisfied himself.

6) a perfect balance healthy mind.
why? no matter how miserable it is for him, he always love his job.

smtime i kinda not understand. with such kind of problem, such kind of life, such kind of madness, they still said " You Are Lucky To Be Engineer" =p

engine-near to broke

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